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Special tours are offered for all parts of Hamburg.  They have all different main focuses and can be varied when required. You can also suggest your own distances or tours which we try to move for you.


Guided Adventure Tours in Hamburg:

Experience Wilhelmsburg - The great bicycle tour!

Our bike tour starts at the entrance to the old Elbetunnel in St. Pauli. Right through the middle of the former free tax port, you will enter the old Wilhelmsburg quarter. Upgrading processes within the framework of the Senate's concept of „ Leap across the Elbe" have left their mark here: Not only did the redevelopment progress, but rents also exploded and the formerly disreputable workers' district suddenly became a trendy place. Our journey leads along the industrial canals to the old War bunker in the so-called „world quarter". There we pass the Soulkitchen-Hall, where Fatih Akin shot his film of the same name. On the 30 meter high observation platform of the Warbunker we have a fantastic view over the whole Elbe island. The route continues on to Wilhelmsburger Mitte, where the buildings of the IBA 2013 will be inspected, then through the old station district to the old Elbe, Johanna Windmill and later directly on the Norderelbe. The scenically very beautiful at Bunthäuser Spitze where the river elbe divides to the north- and the southelbe on the green side of Wilhelmsburg.

Meeting point: Access to the Old Elbe Tunnel, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken.

Duration: 3,5 / 4. 5 hours , Price per person including Rental bike: 30,- / 34,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/; 180,- Euro, Open request


Adventure Tours in Hamburg: The big harbour tour!

Almost 10 million standard containers are handled annually in the Port of Hamburg. Many Hamburg citizens are directly or indirectly dependent on the port for their work. We will explore this one piece by piece. This modern part of port is the money printing machine of Hamburg. During our three and a half hour tour, we will first pass through the old warehouse district(Speicherstadt) where the 19th century was still very much alive until 20. Century the center of the goods handling lay. The tour continues to Baakenhafen, where the ships of the Africa Lines used to stopp. Passing the north Elbe bridges, we follow the old free port: the Moldau- and Saale ports, and finally the Hansa port with the Bremen quay.

Arrived there at the harbour museum we allow ourselves a break in the coffee flap. At the last old quayside on the small Graasbrook at the harbour museum, we discover sleeping beauties that are just waiting to be discovered by us. Afterwards we will go to the Elbe island Wilhelmsburg to the Ballinstadt, where at the end of the 19th century the city of Ballin was founded. At the beginning of the 20th century hundreds of thousands of emigrants temporarily took up their quarters to start the crossing to America. Via green paths we then reach the Wilhelmsburg Reiherstieg quarter, which was also built at this time as a residential area for dock and shipyard workers. Today multicultural, it impresses in parts with some beautiful old buildings. Following old waterways, an old war bunker from is then on our program. From the viewing platform at a height of 30 metres, we enjoy a magnificent view of the entire Hamburg harbour. Then we cycle again in the direction of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Hafen, the Ross- and Travehafen, where we take a look at the famous shipyard Blohm und Voss.

Finally, along old barrage locks we go to a view point from where we enjoy a great view of the harbour promenade. Passing the Old Elbe Tunnel, inaugurated in 1911, we come back to the Landungsbrücken. On the way back to the bike rental the last thing we see is the Oberhafen, the early harbour basin in which the ship was docked until the 20th century. In the 19th century, goods were carried by barges into the canals and offices of old Hamburg.

Duration 3,5 hours Free to book: Saturday/Sunday afternoon, open request
Price per person including Rental bike: 30,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/180,- Euro


Guided Landscape Tours in Hamburg:
Cycling tours through the Ohlsdorf cemetery

One of the most beautiful places Hamburg has to offer is the Ohlsdorf cemetery. It is the largest park cemetery in the world! With its artistic garden design as well as its unique wealth of tomb sculptures, it is a first-rate garden artwork of the highest order and is recognized worldwide. Already awarded a Grand Prix at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900, the cemetery is also a particularly beautiful recreational area. Under old trees you can enjoy the green wealth of our city. Around 450 species of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs thrive here, and the ponds and streams are busier with waterfowl than almost any other in our city. A true treasure chest of Hamburg history. Because on an area of about 400 hectares, the contradictions of our city become more vivid and clear than almost anywhere else. We roam the old historical part with its numerous angel figures and magnificent sculptures. We see the grove of honour of Hamburg resistance fighters, who defended human rights during the time of fascism. The same applies to the Althamburg memorial cemetery, where the gravestones of important Hamburg citizens can be admired. We pass the so-called poets corner, where writers such as Wolfgang Borchert have found their final resting place. We see the graves of Hans Albers, the former mayor Johann Georg Mönckeberg, and those of the Hagenbeck family of zookeepers. We stand in front of magnificent mausoleums, tree graves and butterfly gardens. We admire the impressively beautiful rose garden, the Prökelmoorteich and the Bramfelder See. Natural paradises of the first order, where even the rare kingfisher has been observed.

We also offer two and a half hour walks. While the first walk „Ohlsdorf 1″durch takes us through the old historical part (grove of honour, area of copper beech, Althamburg memorial cemetery, corner of poets and thinkers, mausoleum of the tanker king Riedemann, million-dollar hill, Hans Albers ), the newer part (tree graves, butterfly gardens, rose garden, Prökelmoor pond and women's garden ) is in the foreground at „Ohlsdorf 2″. However, we do not offer the second walk on a regular basis, but only on special request for groups.

Walks: Duration 2,5 hours , Cost 16,-pP offer on request , Free to book: daily on afternoon. Bike tour, duration: 3. 5 hours, Price per person including Rental bike: 30,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/180,- Euro


Landscape Tours in Hamburg-Bergedorf:
Bikeride through Bergedorf and the Vierlande

Bergedorf and the Vierlande are great for cycling. During our guided tour we see the old village culture, historic agriculture and a historic waterworks and again and again the Elbe. Our tour is starting at the Train stop in Bergedorf. The old Bergedorf castle from the 17th century Still taking us along in the 19th century, it leads us along a small stream then towards Curslack and Neuengamme. Further stations are Kirchwerder and the Zollenspieker Fährhaus. Where we enjoy the view of the Elbe. We see large vegetable growing areas, beautiful old farmhouses whose history goes back to the 16th century. This is also the straightest route of the Vierländer Trainline built in 1912. In the restaurant at the Zollenspieker, at the ferry house we will have a little break before we go back through a unique cultural landscape. We also want to pass the Riepenburger Mühle, the concentration camp memorial Neuengamme and the open-air museum Rieckhaus, before the tour ends after about 4. 5 hours again at the S-Bahn stop in Bergedorf.

Note: These tours take place at a leisurely pace - also suitable for less experienced cyclists. However, the tour length is about 35 kilometres.

Meeting point: Bergedorf S-Bahn station
Duration: 4. 5 hours, Open Tour on request
Price per person including Rental bike: 34,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/; 180,- Euro


Landscape Tours in Hamburgs Eastern Parts:
Bikeride through Rothenburgsort, Entenwerder, Kaltehofe- through the marshlands to Ochsenwerder

„Rothenborgs Ort" - once the place where Hamburg's patricians, the so called „ hamburg pepper sacks" who had become rich through trade and shipping, settled as early as the 16th century, escaping the noisy city, building their first country houses, their summery Eldorado, here our tour begins. In the district that was built at the end of the 19th century. In the nineteenth century it became the residential area of the modern industrial proletariat like hardly any other. Beautiful Wilhelminian-style buildings with rich stucco decoration formed the backdrop for one of the liveliest districts of Hamburg during this period. Little has remained of all this, because hardly any district of Hamburg was built in the 2nd century. World War 2 destroyed as much as Rothenburgsort. But we want to take what little there is left with us before continuing on to Entenwerder. Once the site of the customs port, the area has now become a beautiful park. at the Elbe. Along the Elbe dyke, the journey continues to Kaltehofe, where Hamburg's first filtration plants for clean drinking water were built after the terrible hamburg cholera epidemic. Closed since 1990, today an eldorado for migratory birds resting here. And for green amphibians of all kinds. A few kilometres further on we are in the middle of the marshes on the island of Billwerder. Colloquially, it is spoken of the „Vier- und Marschlanden". Here the people lived mainly from agriculture, from growing grain, also cabbage and later potatoes, which were transported on small ships to the markets in the city. In addition to the never-ending work, there was a constant struggle for survival. Again and again the dikes broke, the villages and houses were destroyed by the enormous high tides of the Elbe.

In contrast to this is the splendour of beautiful churches in the different villages. They bear witness to the wealth of the larger landowners who were in charge of the village. We will enjoy the enchanting landscape around the Dove and the Gose Elbe. We cycle along the route of the former marshland railway, absorb the scent of lush meadows and flowering fields. In Ochsenwerder we visit St. Pankratius with the baroque Arp Schnitger organ. The cemetery forms with the old community hall from the 17th century a unique sight. Century a picturesque ensemble. In Fünfhausen we meet huge bracks. Silent witnesses of the great storm tides, they give the country a very special magic today. Passing such bracks, we continue on to Neu-Allermöhe, where our tour ends after about 4 1/2 hours at an S-Bahn stop.

Note: These tours take place at a leisurely pace - also suitable for less experienced cyclists. However, the tour length is about 35 kilometres. Meeting place: Train station Rothenburgsort
Duration: 4. 5 hours, Open Tour on request
Price per person incl. Rental bike: 34,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/; 180,- Euro


Landscape Tours in Hamburgs "Old Lands":
Cycle tour through the Alte Land - Neuenfelde, Cranz and Jork to Buxtehude

Our tour begins with a nice ferry ride from the Landungsbrücken to the ferry pier Finkenwerder. Arrived there, the following bike tour leads us first through a part of Finkenwerder. We see the Gorch-Fock-Park, then the Rüschpark, where once the largest Hamburg shipyard, the Deutsche Werft, was located. There in Rüschpark we see Teufelsbrück on the other side of the Elbe. Then the tour takes us to the nature reserve of the Alte Süderelbe before we finally reach the Alte Land at Neuenfelde. The largest closed fruit growing area in Germany. In the pretty village we see the old St. Pankratius parish church, built in 1682, also beautiful farmhouses, most of which are listed. But only a few steps further on, we see how a few years ago, a battle that had lasted for years „David against Goliath, was finally won by the arms company called Airbus. Today the runway for the airplanes extends to the edge of Neuenfelde. The journey now continues at a leisurely pace to Cranz. Under Danish rule for many years, this small district has only belonged to Hamburg since 1937. We see the Sietas shipyard and the River Este barrage, where we enjoy a beautiful view to the other side, called Blankenese. Here at the Mühlenberger Loch the river has a width of over 2 kilometres. But then the sweet smell of coffee and fresh fruitcake calls us into one of the beautiful garden restaurants directly on the River Este nearby.

A real cycling experience follows afterwards as we continue our tour on the old Este dyke in a southerly direction to Groß Hove and then to Jork. The municipality of Jork is the centre of this old fruit and cultural landscape. What would be a short visit to the Old Country without buying some nice fruits on a fruit farm. There is now ample opportunity for this. If there is interest, we can stopp at the local history in the museum, which we will pass. The history of shipping, ports, ferries and shipyards is represented by models, documents, photos and original parts. Fruit growing has been documented for the Alte Land since about 1550. It displaced agriculture and livestock breeding and is the dominant economic sector today. This is also very clear on the last part of our bike tour through the green. Avoiding large roads as much as possible, we will continue on smaller roads to Buxtehude, taking some moorland with us. Here we finally cycle through parts of the beautiful old town of this old Hanseatic city, before our tour ends at the S-Bahn station Buxtehude.

From there you take the S-Bahn back to Hamburg central station.
Number of kilometres approx. 35 km, Duration of the tour: about 4.5 hours - including two breaks,
For those who want a shorter tour in the Alte Land, this tour can also be varied in that it goes back from Cranz to the Finkenwerder ferry pier. Then the driving time would be 3. 5 hours.

Price per person including Rental bike: 30,- / 34,- Euro , Starts from 6 participants/; 180,- Euro. Open Tour on request


Adventure Tours at Hamburgs Alster:

Cycle tour along the Alster to Poppenbüttel
The Hamburg green axis concept goes back to the famous urban constuktion direktor Fritz Schumacher. Like a plant sprouting in all directions, the city is criss-crossed by green axes which, starting here from the Alster basin, ensure that no residential area is more than 1000 metres away from a larger green area. With this bike tour we ride along the „Alster axis"; and simply enjoy the beautiful route:
The starting point is the Außenalster. There you first cycle around in a clockwise direction on cycle paths to the west. Then we follow the course of the Alster on roads and at the point of Ohlsdorf we finally go on separate hiking and cycling paths. Along the narrow course of the river, an unpaved cycle path then leads, almost always through the forest and wetlands of the Alster Valley. We see the upper middle-class villas along the river, the parks and the moor-like landscapes.
On the upper course the gradient of the route increases a little and the landscape becomes wilder and more natural. At a restaurant high up in Ohlsdorf/Hummelsbüttel we can make a nice rest stop before we start the second stage. Afterwards, we drive through this wonderful landscape to Poppenbüttel, where we can take the S-Bahn and get back to the centre in 25 minutes.

Bike tour, duration: 3. 5 hours
Price per person including Rental bike: 30,- Euro , Starts from 5 participants/150,- Euro






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