Guided Tours

RENT A BIKE works in cooperation with experienced tourguides.


Special tours are offered for all parts of Hamburg. These are giuded tours by foot, with harbour-longboat, as well as by bicycles. They have all different main focuses and can be varied when required.

You can also suggest your own distances or tours which we try to move for you.


Excerpt of guidet tours:


Hamburg Compact. A tour in the inner city, to all important and interesting places to discover the city of Hamburg in the first place!   2,5 h = 28,- Euro /  3,5 h = 32,- Euro

Harbour City and Speicherstadt. A tour to the big city devolopment of the 19th and 21th century. The harbour city as the biggest (inner-)city devolopment in europe and also the "Speicherstadt", who was in year 1850 the biggest devolopment for storehouses!                                  2,5 h = 28,- Euro /  3,5 h = 32,- Euro

Along the river Elbe. A biketour along the Elbe from the inner city over St. Pauli to  Altona and Balankenese is a very fascinating tour. This is a relaxing tour along the harbour with big views over the river.

3,5 h = 32,- Euro /  4,5 h = 36,- Euro


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WE deliver to all places where you like to start your tour!

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