How it works

At short, you always can rent a bike by youself in one of the rental-stations:


1. Spaldingstrasse 144 - Hammerbrook/Berliner Tor


2. Rotenhäuser Strasse 75 A - Wilhelmsburg


You can also order with E mail.
We do Transports to all places
inside and around Hamburg-City.
We deliver the bikes to your hotel, or every place you like. At the end of the tour, you can stopp also at every place you like!


To orders of more than 5 bikes please  book by e-mail. Please, announce yourselves early, for your group reservations.


We just need valid identity card and 50,- Euro per bike as a deposit  (for a group max 150,- Euro deposit).





In Oktober you just can reach us by E-Mail:



WE deliver to all places where you like to start your tour!

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Rent-a-Bike / Fahrradverleih in Wilhelmsburg